Workshop Information:

  • Venue of workshop: ICT Building, Covenant University, Sango-Ota, Ogun state, Nigeria
  • Dates for the workshop: 29th June to 1st July, 2015
  • Workshop organisers: H3ABioNet and CUBRe H3ABioNet Node
  • Registration opens: 14th June, 2015
  • Registration closes: 23rd June, 2015
  • Notification date: 27th June, 2015
  • Participation: Successful applicants will be contacted on how to participate.
  • Workshop Sponsors: CUBRe
  • Course Overview: This workshop provides an introduction to biostatistics and population genetics theory and practicals in order to build a foundational knowledgebase for genome wide association testing. The workshop will consist of a series of theory and lectures during the morning sessions and “hands on” practical lab session during the afternoon periods.
  • Intended Audience: This workshop is aimed at H3Africa project members who will be involved in the design and analyses of population data and genome wide association testing.
  • Syllabus and Tools: Participants will learn about Biostatistics and R, population genetics
  • Prerequisites: Participants are encouraged to work through the following resources to enable them to gain the most from the workshop:
  • Objectives: After this workshop participants should be able to:
    • Determine which statistical tests are appropriate given their data types
    • Conduct hypothesis testing and correct for multiple hypothesis testing
    • Determine what types of sampling there are and the effective sample size required
    • Have a good familiarity with R and conducting statistical tests within R
    • Have a good background on the theory behind population genetics
    • Be able to conduct a variety of population genetics statistical tests
  • Workshop limitations: This workshop will only provide a foundation for continued learning in biostatistics and population genetics and will not make you an expert in biostatistics, population genetics and genome wide association testing and studies.
  • Registration: All potential applicants should:
    1. Fill the application form provided in this LINK
    2. Send an email attaching a motivation letter and CV to
      with heading “YOUR NAME + admission-CU-GWAS workshop for complex diseases”
  • N.B Applications wont be accepted if both requirements arent’t met!
  • An online examination is scheduled for the intended participants on June-27-2015.
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