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From: Jongeneel, C Victor
Date: Thursday, November 26, 2015
Subject: [consort - H3ABioNet] Node Accreditation Exercises
To: Odile Ouwe Missi Oukem
Cc: H3AbioNet – consortium mailing list

Dear All,

It is my great pleasure, on behalf of the Node Accreditation Task Force, to let you know that two H3ABioNet nodes have been successful in completing the GWAS and genomic variant calling exercises, and can therefore be considered to be fully qualified in analyzing complex human genomic data.

Firstly, the Covenant University node led by Ezekiel Adebiyi, and with a team comprised of Adaobi Okafor, Olaleye Oladipo, Bola Akanle, Seun Adeyemi, Dare Falola, Trust Odia, Efejiro Ashano, Itunu Isewon and
Adebiyi Marion undertook the three part GWAS exercise, which includes components of variant calling and QC, association and population structure, and biological interpretation. Their 69 page report was examined by three external experts, all of whom concurred that this was a highly professional analysis of the data at hand.

Secondly, the University of Cape Town node, led by Nicky Mulder, and with a team comprised of Gerrit Botha, Emile Chimusa, Suresh Maslamoney, Kimuda Magambo, Ayton Meintjes, Victoria Nembaware and Sumir Panji, shadowed by Danny Mogutso and Hocine Bendou, undertook the analysis of synthetic high-throughput human sequence data, with the goal to correctly identify the genomic variants present in the data. Their detailed report, with six Annexes, was examined by two external experts, who both returned very complimentary reports.

I would like to congratulate both groups on these signal achievements, which greatly contribute to the success and credibility of H3ABioNet as a whole. Reading their reports, I realize how much effort each team expended to not just be good enough, but to show that they could go above and beyond our expectations. I trust that this will set an example for all H3ABioNet participants, and inspire them to similar
efforts and recognition.

With my best regards,


C. Victor Jongeneel, PhD
Director, High-Performance Biological Computing (HPCBio)
Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology, National Center for
Supercomputing Applications,
and Carver Biotechnology Center
Research Professor of Bioengineering
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
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