M.Sc Position

  • Description and Research Focus:
    CUBRe has recently been awarded 2 NIH and 1 German Research Foundation (aka DFG) grants. For details on the NIH grants, namely, H3AbioNet and WASLITBRe, see the following website: http://cubre.covenantuniversity.edu.ng/index.php/research-consortium. The DFG grant was awarded to us to continue our work on the development of evolution-proof insecticides against malaria-infected mosquitoes. This is a work between a German group in Jena, Germany, and 2 H3AbioNet nodes, that are CUBRe in Ota, Nigeria, and MRTC in Bamako, Mali.
    In view of this, CUBRe is looking for highly talented and motivated students for fully funded MSc programme.
  • Qualification:
    • An outstanding BSc degree in Bioinformatics, Computer Science, Chemistry, Mathematics, Engineering, and Biochemistry or other related Biological Science degree courses.
    • Having published good articles or research work in high impact journals / having conference paper/s published is an advantage.
  • Other General Requirements:
    In addition to the various departmental requirements, prospective
    Candidates must satisfy the general regulations governing postgraduate admissions at the Covenant University:

    • must participate and pass the validity interview of the School of Postgraduate Studies at Covenant University.
    • must have completed the mandatory one-year National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) programme or certificate of exemption in lieu.
    • must be willing to travel to Ghana, Mali, or any other country for exchange programs if necessary.
  • Who can apply?
    This is open majorly to candidates in Nigeria, Ghana, Mali and other West African Countries. It is also open to candidates from other parts of Africa.
  • Institution:
    Covenant University, Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria
  • Organisation:
    Covenant University Bioinformatics Research (CUBRe)
  • Schedule:
  • Salary:
    Max. $12,000 PA (as may be needed, NIH conversion rate to Naira will apply!).
  • How to Apply:
    Send CV and motivation letter to ezekiel.adebiyi@covenantuniversity.edu.ng, itunu.isewon@covenantuniversity.edu.ng and copy access.adaokafor@gmail.com and cynthiaadjes@gmail.com with email subject matter, in the format: Application for CUBRe MSc + FIRST NAME_LAST NAME
  • Closing date for applications: 8th October, 2017
  • Announcer: Ezekiel F. Adebiyi (Ph.D)
    Professor and Lead, Covenant University Bioinformatics Research (CUBRe)